Staff Members

Brandon Knouse


Brandon Knouse holds a BA in History from Texas State University. Initially, he planned on teaching in public schools, even completing the teacher training process and gaining eligibility for certification. Once he learned about the Sudbury model, he wanted to get involved. Brandon wants to be a positive role model and believes that the Sudbury model will empower children. He loves playing guitar, working out, gardening, and going to concerts. 

Andy LaRusch


Andy LaRusch holds a BA in Music Education and is currently a Graduate student at Texas State University. As a certified teacher who spent 10 years in public schools teaching music, he always lead his classroom from the heart and believed in empowering students to make choices of their own. After discovering the Sudbury model while still living in Phoenix, AZ, he and his wife decided to remove their children from public school and unschooled. After seeing the joy his own chilren were experiencing he wanted to create the same environment for many students.

Rebekah Roaten


Rebekah Roaten holds a BS in biochemistry and graduated cum laude from Texas State University. Although she always performed well and made good grades, Rebekah struggled through her public school experience and ended up homeschooling for a brief period in high school before getting her GED. Once she was freed from the constraints of a conventional education she discovered her love of science, animals and teaching, leading her to pursue a degree in the hard sciences. When she became a mother,  she realized that her children also had a difficult time in the Public School setting and began homeschooling them. After several years of experimenting with differing homeschooling philosophies, she encountered the Sudbury method and developed a deep desire to share her experience with others. Rebekah's passions have lead her to work as a veterinary technician, groomer and manager of a local grooming shop, and to teach preschool. Recently, she lead the science class for their homeschool co-op, served as a mentor at Whole Life Learning center and now runs a small business of her own. Rebekah has a deep, genuine love for recognizing each individuals talents and enjoys helping young ones explore their interests as well as guiding them to reach their full potential. Rebekah is the proud mother of 2 boys, John-Luke (12) and Charlie (9). In her spare time she enjoys gardening, meditation, yoga, camping and exploring the great outdoors with her family

Jaclyn Snyder


 Jaclyn Snyder is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate practicing in Buda, TX. Jaclyn resides in Buda with her husband, Caleb, and their two boys, Luca (6) and Kendric (3). During her studies of Child Development, Jaclyn was introduced to the the Sudbury model and soon developed a passion for it. Now, as mother, she is proud to offer her children a school experience that fosters independence, creativity, compassion, and personal responsibility. 

Emily LaRusch


Emily LaRusch went from nearly dropping out of high school to becoming a process optimization and automation expert. After struggling for years and being held back a grade, it took going to a 'non-traditional', self-directed high school for her to realize she wasn't the one that was broken. After watching her sons experience their own hardship in public school, she sought out the Sudbury philosophy as a way to help her boys grow in a healthy and supportive environment. Knowing the power of the Sudbury model Emily was inspired to open a school for other students to enjoy the same benefits as her children.