Community Agreements



All School Meeting members are responsible for the general welfare of the school, through actions that contribute to preserving the atmosphere of freedom, respect, fairness, trust, personal responsibility, and order that is the essence of the school’s existence.

100. Safety Regulations

100.1 Activities that present a real or potential danger to anyone’s personal safety are prohibited.

100.2 No pushing, no punching, no hitting, no fighting, no bullying. All acts of physical violence must be documented by the judicial committee. Anyone who commits an act of violence will have their parents called and they will have to go home for the day. The parents of the child who were hurt must be notified of the incident while protecting the name of the offender.

100.3 Anything slippery that drops on the floor must be cleaned up. 

100.4 No throwing objects inside the building. 

100.5 No rough‐housing inside the building. 

100.6 No screaming or yelling inside. 

100.7 No playing in the parking lot or anywhere in the front of the building. 

100.8 No one may threaten anyone else verbally or physically. Students who become violent must leave the school building immediately. The parents will be called to pick up their child. The student must wait in a location deemed appropriate by staff (e.g. the office or the lobby) until his or her parents arrive. 

100.9 No sticks, metal rods, fence posts or other long poles are allowed inside unless it is for art purposes.

100.10 Anyone who pulls the fire alarm in the absence of fire is automatically suspended for five days and must pay fines.

100.11 You can play in water or rain only if you have a change of clothes and a towel. 

100.12 If you break glass, you must tell a staff member and clean it up with staff supervision. 

100.13 Objects, such as tools, with a specific use or potential for harm, require a certification which is passed in school meeting.

100.14 No weapons of any kind are allowed at Sudbury Schoolhouse or on A Fountain of Life Property. A weapon is any object with a primary purpose of harm.

100.15 No running or riding scooters in the hallways

100.16 Accident reports must be completed any time a student or staff member receives and injury causing them to bleed, or resulting in a need for outside medical attention. When a student is injured in such a way, the parents/guardians will be informed of the accident and asked to acknowledge the report with their signature.

200. Personal Rights, Privileges, and their Protection

200.1 All students and staff have the right to exist peaceably, free of verbal, physical or any other type of harassment.

200.2 If someone is playing with a borrowed toy, they must give it back to the owner whenever the owner requests it.

200.3 If you leave anything out, you must clean it up or put it away before moving on to something else.

200.4 No animals of any kind may be brought on the school campus.

200.5 School property, including school toys, is equally shared among all school meeting members.

200.7 No undergarments may be worn as outer garments.

200.9 Sexual interaction (verbal and physical) and harassment are not allowed at Sudbury Schoolhouse or any place where the school may be gathered for an event.

200.10 Visitors, Volunteers, and Staff may not infringe through harassment, manipulation, or indoctrination, on anyone’s personal life choices including, but not limited to religion, politics, and sexuality.

300. General Rules

300.1 No voting by phone, polling, or voting by proxy. Any school decisions are to be made at School Meeting.

300.2 Pornography, R-rated, or Mature rated materials of any kind, print or digital, are prohibited on school property.

300.3 A minimum of shorts and shirt must be worn inside the school building.

300.4 Students must have a signed permission slip for field trips off campus and are required ride in the same car to and from field trip destinations.

400. Facility, Equipment, and Furniture

400.1 Respect all school and church property.

400.2 Cleaning ‐ everyone should help clean up. See chore charts for specific responsibilities. Specific chores must be approved as complete before the student leaves for the day.

400.3 Everyone must put their own lunch away and clean any trash or food scraps before walking away from their dining area.

400.4 Art supplies should only be used with protective drop cloths or whatever is needed to protect the floor, furniture, and walls.

400.5 No standing on any furniture, including benches, couches, chairs and tables. Chairs, stools, couches, and benches can only be used for sitting.

400.6 When you leave school at the end of each week you must take your refrigerated food home.

400.7 A request to borrow school property must be submitted to school meeting before anything can be taken out of the school.

400.8 Office supplies are for the use of the office staff only.

400.9 Anyone who takes out a dish or utensil is responsible for washing it immediately after using it.

400.10 Only one person may be inside the lobby bathroom at a time.  

400.11 No playing in the bathroom.

400.12 After using the toilet, everyone must check and wipe the seat if it is wet.

400.13 Sudbury Schoolhouse “campus” is defined as the indoor spaces of A Fountain of Life church, except the nursery, stage, and sound booth area, and all outdoor spaces belonging to the church that do not pose a threat to student's safety. Rubble or metal piles, and going past the large arched trees on the back road is strictly off limits.

400.14 Sudbury will have access to facilities Monday-Friday 6am-5pm.

400.15 No outside door may be propped open while the A/C or heat is on.

400.16 No door may be locked except for the lobby bathroom door or a bathroom stall.

400.17 Glitter, sand, hay, silly string, confetti bombs & confetti of all types or gel-like substance cannot be used to decorate or use inside or outside. Silk flower petals are allowed indoors, but not outdoors. 

400.18 No open flame is allowed indoors. Sparklers, fireworks, and chinese lanterns are prohibited.

400.19 Items requiring nails, screws, or other semi permanent mounting hardware to hang, must be approved by school meeting after consulting A Fountain of Life Leadership as necessary. 

400.20 Any substances, such as cornmeal, or any item that might do harm, are not permitted to be placed on the indoor floor. 

400.21 Computers are allowed to be used by anyone at anytime, however if someone wants to use the computer the person/persons on them will then have 45 min time limit before logging off.

400.23 No food or drinks while on the computers, on church tables, or over carpeted areas.

400.24 No open containers are allowed in the fridge.  

500. Attendance and Off-Campus Rules & 600. Judicial Committee Guidelines

500.1 Students must sign in and out when arriving at and leaving the school. Students must notify a staff member before leaving or signing out and give a time of estimated return. If they are more than 15 minutes past the ETA, then the student must call the school to update the status of the trip and return time.

500.2 Students going off-campus must have a signed form from a parent that allows them to go off-campus. 

500.3 Students must maintain a minimum attendance of 20 hours per week.

500.4 Anyone leaving school sick must check-out with a Staff Member before leaving.

500.5 Anyone sick for a full day or more must have a parent call the school in order to manage the weekly hours reported. The hours logged for sick time will not count against the weekly requirement. 

500.5 All persons are allowed 7 personal/travel days for the year to not count against required hours.

500.6 Students must have parents written or verbal confirmation they are going home.

500.7 Any community member may visit Sudbury Schoolhouse meeting, for a single full day, once per semester will be allowed.


600.1 Judicial Committee trials and outcomes are freely available for students and school staff. Parents may request JC trial records, however, all parties except for their child’s name must be redacted. 

600.2 Judicial committee regularly meets daily at 1:30pm, as needed. The JC Chairperson may call an emergency meeting at their discretion.