A Democratic Model of Education

"Learn to Play, Play to Learn."

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About Sudbury Schoolhouse



Our schoolhouse provides each student a safe space to discover and develop their unique passions and talents by following their own interests and capitalizing on learning moments that naturally occur.


Student Directed Learning

 You won't see our students sitting in neat rows of desks, segmented by age. All students move about the school freely, interacting with the adults and students of all ages. 

Sudbury students decide when and what they'd like to learn. We believe that people are natural learners and learn best through curiosity and play.  


Governed by Students

We respect the ability of every student, regardless of age, to carry out their daily activities. We do not force students to follow rigid paths, nor do we provide formal assessments of their performance.  

Rules to protect individual liberty are made by all community members through the School Meeting, and the social order is protected by a peer judicial system. 

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